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Gurbanji means Sparrow in Kannada. Growing up in Bangalore, the common house sparrow was a quintessential part of our lives. Sunny summer mornings or warm winter afternoons, the verandah was a welcome sight. Papad and chilles were dried, clothes were mended or embroidered, hairs were plaited and games were played - stories were told and jokes were shared , while the busy sparrows were a unmistakable part of our lives. 

As a memory & an ode to the slow life, where handmade was part of our lives - Gurbanji pays homage to the simple joys of handmaking making it a part of our lives.

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Beneath the same skin we all share, is a special person who is a unique hue like no other. Bags are a wonderful way to show off our individuality on our arms.

Bags and accessories at Gurbanji are always designed and handcrafted to be as unique as you.

Embroidery, patchwork, applique and quilting techniques are part of all our bags.

Our bags are handmade with extreme care and are inspired by all things beautiful around us, waiting for you to make them a part of your personality.

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