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Living the dream - One day at a time.

No better than you - than the you that you are. No better life than the life we are living.


These lines from a popular song best describe our woman in focus, on the feature blog "Women of Gurbanji".

Meet Ms. Nisha Verma - the woman who effortlessly wears many hats, she is a powerhouse who has always followed her heart. And her diverse interests are the ultimate bucket list for living life to the hilt.

Ms. Nisha Verma

A professional modelling – Gladrags Mrs. India 2009 Finalist &

Mrs. Asia-International India 2013 finalist.

Lead Actress of Kannada movie – Kamarottu Checkpost


An avid biker – having rode across the mighty Spiti valley, Ladakh, Sikkim and parts of South India. As a solo traveler embarking on a spiritual path she has completed the holy visit to all the 12 Jyotirlingas across India and the demanding trek to Mount Kailash.

Author of the “Reflections” – a collection of poems and quotes.

India’s first certified Paranormal Investigator.

All through this her motto has been simple - 'Life is very short & make the best of it'.

"Falling in the water is not a disaster. Not attempting to swim across and drowning is a disaster. My into at Gladrags in front of the entire nation was - 'Don't give up, success is just a struggle away. ' I still stand by it & endorse it."- Ms. Nisha Verma

And we at Gurbanji raise a toast to this inspirational woman of today, we aspire to create a place in your hearts a sense of adventure and spirit to follow your interests.

We cherish the inherent spark of exploring life and its varied options at every opportunity.

We join in to cheer her every achievement from the sensitive poet to the fearless paranormal investigator. From the charming model to the daredevil biker, we are truly inspired by her journey that is as unique as her.

Woman of Gurbanji - The products at Gurbanji are environment friendly and this quote aptly compliments the collection – 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'

My go-to place for handmade, elegant & chic products- from laptop bags for Corporates to small wallets that fit perfectly in my biking jacket – they have it all. Designed in mind, stitched together with all hearts – Gurbanji” -Ms. Nisha Verma

We wish Ms.Nisha Verma more success on all her future endeavors as she explores newer avenues and excels at each on of them

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